Visit us

To get the very best insight into how our products and services work, you are welcome to come and visit us. Our premises are centrally located in Karlskrona, directly next to Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).

WIP AB  |  Campus Gräsvik 5  |  371 75 Karlskrona  |  +46 455 33 98 00 

Work with us

In the same way that we are constantly striving to identify and develop the technology of tomorrow, we are also always on the look out for the future’s most talented individuals. We work in close partnership with BTH as part of our recruitment process, but we are always open to creative ideas, exciting discussions and spontaneous applications.
We are not necissarily as impressed by a traditional CV as we are by the evidence of a passion for problem-solving. Technician? If you can crack the puzzle in the link below you possess the skills we are looking for. It's worth a try!